Aug 042003

0The PDGA World Championships completed last weekend, with an excellent showing from the DayLa Locals.

Finishing in the top twenty in the OPEN division was past Jr. World Champion Nate Doss. In his first Pro Worlds, sixteen year old, and last years Jr. World Champion, Myles Harding finished in the top 40, followed closely by Don Smith. Both Tony Tran and Jim Hagen finished one stroke shy of making the semi final cut in the Open Division. Jim Kroutch and John Steele played in their first World Championships and they both commented on what an inspiring experience it was.

In the Masters Division, owner of Santa Cruz Disc and Harding Excavating and father of Myles Harding, Rob Harding finished in the top twenty, and prior to a ‘butt’ injury he sustained was a candidate to finish in the top ten. I [marty hapner] made the semi-final cut for the first time, though my score was the last group. Unfortunately, I made the cut due to a two stroke penalty given to sometime local Ron Klein because the person charged with turning in the score cards for one of his rounds was late. Had the card been turned in on time, then Ron would have made the cut and I would not….such is life in discgolf. Other local Stephen Harden also competed in his first worlds.

In the Womens division, Carrie Berlogar had a tough go throughout the weeks play, but, finished strong with a powerful 1 over par for her last round at the Little America Course.

Other notables, Michelle Watson played in the Womens Masters, and finished respectable. Another almost local, Stancil Johnson from Carmel, finished second in the ‘Legends’ division. Stancil was also inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

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