Nov 132003

The short position is straight through a wooded but fairly open flat fairway, then behind a thicker curtain of trees to a small mini-clearing that serves as the green. After the tree curtain the terrain slopes from left to right. The entire right side of this hole is a steep, wooded slope down to a dry creekbed. In the long position, this is one of the course’s trickier holes. It is at least 100 feet past the other location, slightly more elevated, and with plenty of trees in between. A drive must get past the first thick curtain of trees to have a reasonable chance at par.

Downhill putts to both locations carry with them the risk of a long roll to hiding places far below. The OB access road runs 20 feet behind and to the left of the long position.


Basket (med-long position, looking back at tee)


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