Dec 102003

Team Santa Cruz competed in the 22nd Annual Southwestern Team Invitational in San Diego last weekend [Dec. 5th & 6th]. The team finished in 4th place this year with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses, finishing ahead of Team Arizona by beating them head to head, though they had a 4 and 3 record, as well.  The team won the coveted ‘Team Spirit’ Award for the second year running, with all team members contritbuting to team spirit by dyeing their hair to match the team color- Maroon. Both Rob & Myles Harding shared the best individual records going 5-1-1. No unusual ‘dramas’ unfolded this year, except for the Rave Party going on next door to the hotel room shared by Tony, Don & Hagen.2003 Team Santa Cruz{mospagebreak}


2003 Team Santa Cruz

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1-Open Sonny Ashby 2-3-2
2-Open Tony Tran 4-1-2
3-Open Myles Harding 5-1-1
4-Open Don Smith 4-2-1
5-Open Jim Hagen 2-4-1
6-Open Jim Kroutch
7-Open Matt Voorhess 4-3
1-Master Dave LeVan 2-3-2
2-Master Rob Harding 5-1-1
3-Master Marty Hapner 4-3
1-Grand Tom Schot
1-Women Carrie Berlogar 4-1-2
Rob Red Hair Harding

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