Jan 152005

What we know right now about the future of the disc course is that the land swap has not happened yet because of legal issues involving the National Guard, Calif. Department of General Services and the City. The Guard’s legal office has said they still use the park for training, and they want to keep it, so when the swap happens, the State may keep the park, not the City.  McPherson’s bill allowed for the course to be reconveyed back to the City if the Guard did not use it for training, but they are (somehow) claiming they need it, even though they do not use it anymore.  Nor do they need it given the upgrades at Camp Roberts, about two hours away, making it the “biggest and best” Guard training camp in the country.

The Guard had not taken a position on removing the course until recently. General Services had requested the course be removed at one time, but then sounded like they were willing to reconvey the land.  Now it’s the Guard apparently saying they want the land, and they DO want the disc course removed.  General Services apparently has no opinion on it at this time other than they would handle the paperwork for the swap.

However, according to Parks and Rec., the City is very supportive of obtaining and keeping the disc golf course, and making improvements to it. 

If the Guard does keep the land, we will need to work with them to allow the course to stay.  If the Guard relents and allows the State to reconvey the land back to the City, then we will work with the City on making improvements.

Once we know the course is staying, it is clear that erosion issues will need to be addressed first , as well as parking and restrooms and garbage. etc.  We will need to go to “pay to play” to help fund the improvements. 

Parks and Rec. has advised that once the renovations are finished at the ball course, the City is going to turn it’s “full attention” to the disc course.  This is going to happen in March or April. 

I think the DDGC members should meet on Sunday Feb. 6th to discuss a public presentation to the Council on Tuesday the 8th.    There’s a new restaurant where the Front Street Pub used to be, and they have a meeting room.  Maybe 6:00 p.m. on Sunday the 8th there?

Russ Jacobson

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