Mar 162005

Delaveaga Disc Golf Club

February 2005 Club Meeting
Location: System Studies boardroom, Santa Cruz
Date: 2/23/2005 06:30 PM
Coordinator: Marty Hapner
Attendance: John Steele, Dave Thomas, Russ Jacobsen, Scott Keasey (DGA), Ed Buskirk, Brian Klampitt, Gabe House, John Baldwin, Frank Defalco, Mark Farrar, Matt Voorhes, Jason Gael, Dave Hammer, Dave LeVan, Marty Hapner, Rob Hapner, Chris Jahr, Mark Karleskind, Justin Marc
Call to order 6:40 PM
1) Tonight’s main meeting topic is the appointment of interim club officers and committee chairs to rebuild the Delaveaga Disc Golf Club. It has been decided that we would nominate and appoint the following positions to be held until September 2005, when if possible, we will hold a general election of club officers. Those positions with duties to be appointed are:
President – Meeting chairperson, club overseer, public relations figurehead.
Vice President – Membership and duties of president when he/she is not available.
Secretary – Communications, Meeting minutes, monthly newsletter, Webmaster.
Treasurer – club and event funds.
Events Coordinator – Tournaments, Leagues, Schools, Jr. instruction/club
Grounds Coordinator – Maintenance and upkeep of the disc golf course. Any course modifications are to be coordinated and approved by the City of Santa Cruz Parks and Rec department.
Committees: Membership, Maintenance, Executive, and Events
The nominations were accepted and appointees for Club officers are:
President – Russ Jacobsen
Vice President(s) – Ed Buskirk and Mark Farrar
Secretary – Rob Hapner
Treasurer – Dave LeVan
Events Coordinator – John Steele
Grounds Coordinator – Dave Hammer
2) John Steele passed out possible hole placement schedule for review.
3) Committee Volunteer from meeting:
Membership – Ed Buskirk, Mark Farrar, Dave Thomas, Mark Karleskind, Jason Gael
Maintenance – Hammer, John Steele, Dave Thomas, Scott Keasey, Frank Defalco, Gabe House, John Baldwin, Mark Farrar, Matt Voorhes, Mark Karleskind, Jason Gael, Dave LeVan
Course Pros: Matt Voorhes, Mark Karleskind
4) Next club meeting is scheduled for March 30, 2005 at 6:30PM.
Club officers to meet on March 9, 2005 at Club Caution, downtown Santa Cruz – time to be determined.
7:55pm – Meeting adjourned

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