Mar 222005

Delaveaga Disc Golf Club

Officer Board Meeting
Location: Club Caution, Santa Cruz
Date: 03/08/2005 08:00 PM
Coordinator: Russ Jacobsen
Attendance: Dave Thomas, Russ Jacobsen, Ed Buskirk, Mark Farrar, Dave Hammer, Dave LeVan, Rob Hapner, Mark Karleskind
Call to order 8:50 PM
1)     Membership:
a.     Discuss T-Shirt design and options.
                                                              i.      Long and short sleeve, 2005 Member on front, arm design (is it worth it)
                                                             ii.      Graphic Apparel (Rick the T-Shirt guy), already has our artwork. Back to original Club logo.
                                                           iii.      Budget = $600
                                                          iv.      T-shirts can be ready within 10 days of order.
b.     Membership dues/costs
                                                              i.      $20 no shirt/tag
                                                             ii.      $30 with shirt
09:12 PM
2)     League Training class in Boulder Creek. Russ is working with the BC Parks and Recreation director to arrange. We could see if DGA is interested in offering discs at cost for this type of event.
09:15 PM
3)     Maintenance:
a.     Hammer has organizational concerns
b.     Phone list needed.
c.     Basket positioning
d.     Master’s maintenance, grass cutting
e.     New sign/board. Need two people, Dave L volunteer’s time if needed.
f.       Parking lot overflow needs to be discouraged and blocked off.
g.     Nighttime watch not allowed. Public Parks do not allow visitors after dark.
h.     New bench next to parking lot
i.        Safety = Risk factors. Downed trees – branches
j.       Recycling – we pay $50 for removal. Should we do this ourselves? Decided by board that the better option is to pay $50 than to do it by ourselves.
k.      Paving parking lot. Russ said that the city would do this.
l.        Water supply for course maintenance possible.
m.    Tee pad and Pin/post preservation.
n.     Native tree protection
09:50 PM
4)     Open agenda
09:55 PM meeting adjourned
Next meeting – Club Monthly Meeting: March 30, 2005, Location to be determined.

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