Nov 252005

Restoration work will begin at Upper DeLaveaga Park this winter aimed at reducing erosion and run off into the watersheds below the park.

DDGC met with the City Parks and Rec Department last week and got some information about the planned restoration work. The first phase will involve ripping the surface, mulching, and seeding along the Hole 13 and Hole 16 corridor at the disc golf course.

As a way of helping the success of this project, DDGC has agreed to temporarily close Holes 13 through 16 for about 4 to 5 months this winter to allow the area to be restored. When the project is finished, there should be native grasses growing in the now open soil areas of Hole 13. DDGC and the City will also build a trail through Hole 13 to limit future impact from foot traffic. The idea would be for players to use the trail until they are near their disc.

The start date is not yet certain. The City wants to wait until we’ve had 1 to 2 inches of rain to soften the surface. At that point Parks and Rec staff will begin their project. The hole closures will occur just prior to the start of the restoration work. We will remove the baskets for these four holes and post appropriate signage. If necessary, a temporary fence will also be used.

We plan to have the holes open in time for the Am Masters Cup at the end of April.

DDGC needs your help:
1. Volunteer for trail building and other maintenance projects.
2. Stay out of the restoration area once it has been closed until it’s open.
3. Help to keep other people out of that area once it’s closed.

This is crucial and on the critical path of saving the course for permanent use, so please help.

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