Mar 062006

What a great way to celebrate Daviar's birthday!  Dave made up some great trophies and the storm let up for the day.  We had a huge turnout for a beautiful day of disc golf and and finished up with burgers at the De La van…

Pro Scores

Player Score
Jack Tragesar -6
Kyle Crabtree -4
Mike Barry -3
Dave Levan -2
Tim Messer 1
Stan Pratt 1
Brian Rossi 4
Marty Hapner 4
Don Smith 6
Sean Roybal 7

Master Scores

Player Score
Kevin Crews 0
Doug Werner 0
Tom McGraw 3
Frank D 3
Ed Buskirk 7
Danny S 7
Mark Farrar 7
Joe Neu 12


Player Score
Kristy King 17
Melissa 30
Kaatie 33

AM 1

Player Score
Dave Cooper -5
Jamie Tuckey 0
Justin Scoggins 1
Dan Goodwin 3
Andrew Barry 4
Chris Grimes 5
Gabe House 7
Alex Keil 7
Sean Ulrich Score
Ian T 16

AM 2

Player Score
Rob Hapner 6
Russ Jacobson 7
Eric Kopit 8
Bodi 11
Mike Stein 13
Jason Utley 16
Derek Kotval 22


Player Score
Nolan G. 37
Myles G 42


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