May 042006

2006 Steady Ed Memorial Tour Event Evaluation Form

    This form gives players the opportunity to provide feedback on Tour Events to the PDGA and TDs.
    Most events run pretty smooth, are lots of fun, and encounter a couple of problems. That is the norm.
    Players are encouraged to use this form whenever an event or something about it was superb,
    or when an event fell short of their expectations, and to provide detail as they feel appropriate.
Your Name:    PDGA#:      
1. Overall, how would you rate this PDGA Tour Event ?  
Best event I've been to   Fair              
      Excellent           Poor              
 Good             Worst event Ive been to    
      Average           Other (specify)    
2. Please provide your comments.    
    What contributed to making this event such a success ?  
    OR Why did this event not live up to your expectations ?  
Once this form is completed you can either:  
Send it to: PDGA Office, 3841 Dogwood Lane, Appling, GA, 30802             
 or email:    

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