Sep 222006
 Hole Round1
Super 18
1 Long Right
Short  1 Tee to 2 Pin Right -Par 4
2 Long Left
ShortRight  3 Tee to 5 Pin Short -Mando Right
of 2nd Oak/Drop Zone Tee#6 -Par3
3 Standard Standard  4 Tee to 6 Pin Short -Par4
4 Long Short  7 Tee to 8 Pin -Par4
5 Long Short  8a Tee to 10 Pin Short -Par3
6 Long Short  New Long -Par3
7 Long Short  11  Long Left -Par3
8 Standard Standard  12  Tee to 13 Pin
[I5] -Par5
8A Right
9 Standard Standard  14 Long Left -Par3
10 Long Short  15 Tee-12 Pin Long Right [Chimes] -Par3
11 LongStraight
 16 Tee to 12 Pin Left -Mando Stay Right of Left Field Goal Tree -Par4
12 L [Chimes] ShortLeft  18 Tee to 19 Pin Short -Par4
13 Standard Standard  20 Tee to 21 Pin -Par4
14 LongRight Short  22  Road Tee by Gate to 24
Pin Short -Par4
15 LongLeft Short  25  Long -Par3
16 Left Right  26  Long -Par3
17 X X  26A Long -Par3
18 LongRight ShortRight  27  Standard -Par3
19 LongLeft Short             
20 Right Right    
21 Standard
22 Standard Standard    
23 Left Left    
24 Long Short    
25 Long Long    
26 Long Long    
27 Standard Standard    

Hole Placements Subject To Change 


On or across the road that bisects the course for all holes which come into play.

The 2 meter rule is in affect. 

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