Feb 292008

DDGC MonthlyMeeting

February 13, 2008


  1. John called the meeting to order at 6:45
  2. In attendence:  Jon Baldwin, Jack Tragaser, Stan Pratt, Marty Hapner, Dave Thomas, Scott Keasey, Derek Kotval, Katie Beckett, Tom Schot, Kevin Crews, Russ Jacobson, Chris Jahr, Mark Karleskind, Eric
  3. Membership report:
    1. Jack shared the pricing for membership

            $10base membership = name on membership list

                            $15base membership + bag tag

$25 basemembership + bag tag +cotton t-shirt 

$35 basemembership + bag tag + dri fit shirt

The membershipdrive will begin with March monthly

Volunteers willneed to sign up, in pairs, at kiosk, all day Sat and Sun, to educate andencourage players to join the club. People can pay at the course, or use Pay Pal online.  If they pay online, charge $5 forshipping.  Can increase that forout of state.

All agreed on theprice structure.

Flyer needs to bemade to hand out at the Otter Open, to inform players of membership drive andMarch monthly.

First bag tags goout by score of monthly, then remainder can be purchased.

Jack had an ideato have a putting contest against the club officers and top players.  We can address this later.

  1. Parking Lot: 

The city metwith Jon, and gave us the plan to pave the parking lot and make changes to someareas of the course.

We need to giveinput on ways to improve the plan they’ve developed.  They want to improve cliff areas of 17, 18, and 19 due toerosion.  Perhaps add a net andmake it an o.b. area.  They’d liketrails added to 17-19 and 25, 26 and top of the world.  Perhaps steps at 27.  We should coordinate work parties forthe days when the city will be working on the course, as there may not be manypeople playing. The cities main concerns are 26, 18, basket around 8, tee of 18and tee of 26.  Work may start inMay.

Other ideas; cyclesome holes closed; could change course to an 18 hole course…  

Steve Hammock andAaron Eisenhower will be at the next meeting, so we can give some feedback.

With the paved parking area, may bea gate and a pay-to-park situation.  Maybe make a yearly parking pass can be available, and workit into a membership fee.

The neighbor’sbiggest complaint to the city is smoking. The neighbors are afraid of a fire burning them out. 

5.  New Business:


Plan to fix up thetee boxes

            Onhole 3 is a partially fallen tree

            Workparty on the 2nd of March – Kevin will come up with a plan

Russ has eleven lawn mowers, twowheel barrels and two club weed wackers.


We have anofficial new DISC account that is set up to Pay Pal.  Stan will hook up that account for Masters Cup andmembership.  Some funds fromgeneral account were moved to DISC account.  Dave has original DISC funds and Stan and Dave are havingtrouble meeting.

Iron ranger islooking healthier with better weather.

John, Jack, Stanand Marty need to meet to work out the online membership form. 

E-mailcommunication needs to be changed to the club site.  Stan will get e-mail info from Ed and work with me to make adata base.

  Tee sign sponsors:

 Jack will be working on this – contactinformation is on the web site. Stan moved old tee-sign sponsors pay $350, new tee-sign sponsors pay$500, Scott 2nd new prices. Tom suggested sponsors receive Masters Cub players package.  Jack suggested they also receive a clubmembership with a t-shirt.  Stanmoved to order 30 more players packages, Russ 2nd, for tee signsponsers. There was discussion about giving the sponsors the choice of amembership or the Master’s Cup. Table this decision.

 Next club meeting is 2ndThursday of March, which is the 13th.

 Masters cup meeting will be onGoogle group.  Need to discusswhich sponsors are on the goods.

 Tom Schot announced that Pinto Lakewas approved for the first nine holes and he’s has been out there working thefirst hole.  This Saturday andSunday is a work party, cutting out vegetation from 10:00 – 1:00.  Brings gloves and wear long sleeveshirt and pants.  Chainsaws wouldbe helpful.

Tom also announced that Japan’sgreatest player is coming for the Masters Cup to play and needs a place tostay, with someone who may know Japanese. Russ may know of someone to help.

Mark moved we adjourn, Russ 2nd.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.



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