Mar 072008

The monthly meetings have been changed to the second Thursday of the month, which means this month’s meeting is Thursday, March 13th.  This is an important meeting, as the city is planning to pave the parking lot and make some course changes due to erosion issues.  Our ideas as a proactive group is in our best interest.  If you want to know what is in the plans or have ideas, come join us at 6:30 at System Studies.  

Other club information that went by quiety, is the change in leadership.  Russ Jacobson handed off his job of several years as club president, to Jon Baldwin.  Russ will continue to work with the master plan and be involved in the club.  Jack Trageser is the V.P. and comes in with great enthusiasm and ideas. Stan Pratt is continuing as treasurer.   Katie Beckett took over for Rob Hapner, who has put spent several years helping the club.  All past officers have spent many thankless hours and days helping the club move forward.  


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