Mar 262008

DDGC Monthly Meeting

March 13, 2008

  1. Jon called the meeting to order at 6:53.
  2. In attendence:  Jon Baldwin, CJ Jahr, Ruben Gonzalez, Derek Kotval, Russ Jacobson, Kevin Crews, Marty Hapner, Mark Karleskind, Tom Schot, Dolan McMurty, Katie Beckett, Jack Trageser
  3. City representatives will not be here, as expected.  Russ suggested we gather ideas and meet with them at the city offices.  Ideas;
    1. Extend the parking lot.  There is not enough for a weekend.  Plan has 34 plus handicapped.  We should double the number for at least 65 parking spots.  Perhaps take out 23 to add more parking.
    2. 27 will be in the water collection area, so will need to move that.  Could move the tee of 1 further up and have 27 near there, move 27 about 25 feet into the grass toward the close pin
    3. 18 and 19 have erosion issues.  Add logs to stop rollers, or netting.  Jon suggested making part of 18 and 19 as one.  The city wants to take the bridge out and have us walk on the road, which is not safe. We can show the city San Francisco’s plan that includes pathways and retaining walls that perhaps we can do.
    4. 6 is an issue.  Can shorten it and make the catch basin o.b.
    5. A gate for parking is not in the plans, but can work with them, as they made mention of it.  Then we could have pay to park.
    6. Perhaps the city can add a paved area for Mark’s van or as a pavilion for club activities.
    7. Mark suggested a flag pole.
    8. Jack suggested a small building for vending and club equipment.
  4. Membership
    1. Jack did a great job with membership and shirts.
    2. Online memberships are starting to trickle in.  There will be an ad in disc golf magazine for going the club.
    3. We’re up to 75 to 80 members.
    4. We need pairs of two, for four hour shifts, on Saturdays and Sundays, to encourage people to join the club and to count players.  We’ll determine which weekend, later.

5.  Tee signs:

Sales are comingalong.  Jack went through the listof previous sponsors to see who and how to renew previous sponsors.  Dga’s hole sponsorship could be in newtee-signs.           

  1. Caddy book.  We can order 750 or 1000.  If we order 1000, we’ll have to sell 400.  We can charge $10 a book through Mark and DJ’s.
  2. Adjourned at 8:08







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