May 162008


There is a $1000 fine for smoking at De laVeaga and smoking has increased at the course again.  Because of complaints, patrols will be increased again.

As many of you are aware, Wednesday, June 18th, there was a fire
on the right side of hole 24’s fairway. Fortunately the fire was spotted before it got out of control. The fire department responded quickly and they took care
of it. I think that disaster was narrowly avoided. I happened to be at the course and saw it first hand, and let me tell you, seeing a large amount of smoke billowing up at DeLaveaga is a scary sight. It would not have taken much for the entire place to go up in flames. Understandably the residents who live further up the road are extremely concerned. Who knows how close they came to losing their homes on Wednesday.  That is enough to scare anyone.

No one knows for sure what caused the fire, but as an average guy, the most likely scenario I can think of is a cigarette. Cigarette smoking is Illegal at the
Delaveaga Disc Golf Course, and yet I see people smoking all the time. Now I have a crystal clear understanding why some of the residents who drive by
are so adamant and proactive about discouraging smoking in the park. I think it is something we all must take part in, as there just isn’t enough manpower
available to enforce a law that is blatantly disregarded.

I want to continue to play Delaveaga, so please, don’t smoke there.

-Jon Baldwin
DDGC President

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