Aug 042008

Meeting was called to order at 6:30

In attendance:  Jon Baldwin, Stan Pratt, Jack Tragaser, Katie Beckett, Russ Jacobson, Mark Karleskind

Jack discussed the PDGA evaluation forms for the Masters Cup, and hopes players respond positively, so the MC can maintain National Tour status.  Discussion followed regarding NT status, and possible changes in scheduling of tournaments.

Russ reported that the parking lot may be paved in July – it depends on the contractor.  Holes 6 and 27 may be removed during this process.  The paving is part of a grant, and eventually will go into the second phase.  The grant is about reducing sediment and restoring habitat, thus will involve making culverts to divert water at certain points (at hole 24 and the bridge heading to 20).  If we, as a club, have a plan before the city makes their own plan, then we can hopefully have solid input on the project. The next club meeting needs to involve planning for future changes to the course.  Some ideas that have been thrown out, include making the course 18 holes with different pin placements at certain holes.  Or pulling out some holes for awhile and rotate holes in and out.   We need enough people to have a quorum for any voting.

When paving  begins, we need a posting of possible other courses in the area for people to play. People can play the course, but can’t park in the lot.

Stan gave his treasurers report.

We need to start thinking about a club BBQ for the fall.

Next meeting is August 19th, at 6:00 at Giavaneers, about Lulu Carpenters

Russ moved to adjourn the meeting, all approved. 


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