Oct 302008


August Meeting

In attendence:  Derek Kotval, Eric, Jon Baldwin, Stan Pratt, Mark Karleskind, Dave Thomas, Jason Esper, Katie Beckett, Jack Trageser

The meeting was called to order at 6:21

Jon, Jack, Susan Harris and Steve Hammock met last Thursday.  We are going to be able to park at the course, in the area below.  Can take out 23 and park there – up to us.  Before they start, port a potty removed and can either place it at 8 or down by 22 and 23.  8 may be better for easier access by port a potty people.  We’ll get the big one removed and add a regular size porta potty at 8.

The dumpster needs to be relocated, so we should reduce the size as there aren’t many trash cans on the course, and move it.  The city would like graffiti on the dumpster to be cleaned off. 

The benches at 23 need to be removed.  The construction company will remove them and we need to think about where they should go.

27 and 6 needs to be relocated.  Until we re-design holes, 27 should move to the short position.  A temporary sleeve for 6 can possibly be placed, once we see what the project looks like.  23 tee pad needs to be moved up.  (6)They can pull out the dirt and concrete of a sleeve, and move that whole chunk

The bulletin board will need to be pulled.  We can figure out where the board goes after the project is done. 

The city was very clear that none of the resources for the paving project can go to disc golf – just the paving/erosion project.

Stan suggested we pull the practice basket to replace it with a new basket, which he may be willing to sponsor.

Bridge from 19 to 20 will be pulled, and they don’t want us to use the trail.  The trail is becoming a creek, so erosion is bad.  They want us to walk the road over to 20.  Jon suggested adding a speed bump.  25’s tee and parking lot, there will be two speed bumps.

Funding is through Coastal Conservancy

The bulletin board could be close to 1, with big huge phrases about etiquette.  Tee signs should include the road is o.b.

Tag a way

Web page links to alternate courses?  Committee – Stan Pratt, Derek Kotval, Jon Baldwin and Jack Trageser.

Derek wants to add to the web site, the ability to sell duffle bags and caddy books.  Perhaps we can sell the books to other clubs to put into their players packs or raffles.  The books can be used by the club as awards for am’s for the monthly.  We could run an ad in Flying Disc to sell caddy books and can give them away with a 2009 membership.

Extra Masters Cup gear can be used as prizes to Am’s.  (Masters cup stuff is tournament money, so the club would need to buy it from tournament

Monthlys – Am 1 straight cash and prize.  Am 2 prize.  Am master straight cash and prize.  10 across the board.  If Am 2 wants cash, go to Am 1.  Prizes can also be used for CTP’s, etc.

Monthly – Don’t show up by 9:15, cannot play – period  ****post to e-mail and web site***
September monthly will be August 30.  Emphasize it will be the last monthly on the course, as it currently plays.  St Francis fundraiser will be September 6th.

Mark has volunteered to run the Faultline.  The date needs to be changed.  November 1 looks like it will be available. 

St Francis fundraiser:
Nate’s 2nd place reception, accuracy, dddc,  Mark suggested this also be the club BBQ Mark would like the club to pay for the burgers and hot dogs.  We need to make this a nice event .  Club voted to donate $150 for BBQ and a keg, for $300.00.  Sean Ulrich might be able to get keg together.

Club members invited to BBQ after round to…

Picnic after the tourney, (after 1:00ish)

Mark talked to Dave LeVan – Steve Hammock mentioned van is illegal… Need a permit to sell in a park, but the city won’t issue a permit to sell in a park.  – the van goes back to original selling set-up – city said club has rights to sell – van is the club presence – van is a central point and present.  No van, could be more problems.  If the set- up was more permanent, then the city may want more involvement.  (he is saying they cannot build a place for us to sell)  Our best approach has to do with revenue  and security – Show them the servies we provide that the park and the community – Important to have club presence at the site.

May try for a space.  The “the club would like a space for activities.”  Maybe in the next phase, we can push this.

Gate and iron ranger?  May have trouble getting money.  It’s up to us to determine how much to charge for daily parking and long term passes.

Parking lot means the park is going to stay – we don’t have funds to pave, the more the course is legitimized, the better.  The club helps with that.

7:57 adjournment

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