Nov 102008

October 30, 2008

In attendence:  Jon Baldwin, Stan Pratt, Jason Esper, Jack Trageser, Katie Beckett, and Mark Karleskind

Meeting called to order at 6:20

We need to be ready to begin with membership drive by January’s monthly.  We need to list what needs to be done:

-List of contact info for 2008 members – keep that current and should be contact list for 2009 members.

-2009 is the 25th anniversary, so we can use that in selling memberships

-Dri-fit shirt brand needs to change to a better quality shirt

-Jon can adapt the writing around the club logo to reflect the anniversary

-Stan will have Scott place the bag tag order after the anniversary logo is designed

-Tag ideas  – club number is not numbered
– another set that is different – numbered, for bag taggers – sold separately and handed out only at bag tag night or monthly.  Perhaps have a separate set of numbers for women
-Pay-out at end of season for top tags

Bulletin board needs to be moved. 

19 long is closed off – not a part of original plan
22 is seeded

27 can be moved about 10 feet away from where it used to be, up the hill
6 could be 30 feet shorter of where it is

People need to meet with city people to figure out what is going on with changes that were made that weren’t discussed, and see what else needs to be done. 

Maintenance crew – get a group of people who play a lot, to be ready to do maintenance work as needed.  (Kevin Crew may be ready for a break)  For example, some benches need to be moved, according to the city. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:10-

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