Jan 292009

January 8 ,2009

In attendance:  Jon Baldwin, Jack Tragaser, Stan Pratt, Steve Lonhart, Katie Beckett, Mark Karleskind, TJ Goodwin

The meeting was called to order at 6:15

-Parking: Parking down the middle is difficult for large vehicles to get out.  What can we do?  Ask them to paint “compact” in some spots…  Once pay parking goes in, parking along the road will be forbidden

-Club pricing structure: Cost for shirts -Tourists shirts for general public is $6.50; club shirt is $6.50, and club dri-fit is $17.  Quantity – tourist shirt – 10 doz   Dri-fit –

bag tag and shirt – $25
bag tag, cotton, & dri fit, & tag – $45 
tag only $15

At monthly, people can pay for their membership then receive t-shirt(s) at end of the monthly.  Stan, Jon and I will organize the shirts during the monthly.

-Steve Hammock
-He brought a sample graphic for a welcome sign for the park.  We asked about adding the club logo, but he said they don’t do that.  We have a lot of feedback for the sign, which he wants.  Steve said we can submit other graphic ideas to the city for further review.  Anyone who wants to add input, e-mail Jon soon, as he needs to get it to Steve by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.
-Timeline for a gate and/or pay-to-park.  Gates are made and will be installed around Feb 18, and they will install two baler (sleeves in the ground) to block the road.
1st alarm will open the gate at sun-up, and close it about an hour after sunset.  1st Alarm will be there until around midnight, then police patrol occasionally. Parking will cost $2.00for a daily pass and $40 for an annual pass.  323 Church St for parking passes. 
-Overflow opens when it is dry and closes around 10/15
-The parking will be flexible and the city will work with us to work out problems.  Keep it simple and things won’t get complicated.
-The city will post signs on the road about pedestrians
-If we can continue to pay for the porta potty and trash until July 1st, the city will take over porta-potty and trash payments.
-Can we ever request paving the lower parking area?  Very likely in two or three years we can request they pave it.  It may cost somewhere around $50,000
-The city can deliver wood chips to us.

-Steve wants to see trails on holes that have erosion issues.  Jon wants to talk to Tom about working that out

-Tee box re-build, such as 2, 26, 18, etc.  Building 26a and 23 are first priority for Master’s Cup.  Dan Shermis agreed to help with 23.

-Dumpster – Dan will build it if we provide materials.  Materials may cost $2-3000.  Dan will let us know.
-Sleeve for 27 needs to be put in.
-Stan will TD the Faultline

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