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February 12, 2009

In attendance:  Stan Pratt, Katie Beckett, Mark Karleskind, Dave Thomas, TJ Goodwin, Erik Kopit, Dolan, Steve Lonhart, Jason Esper, Jack Tragaser

Meeting was called to order at 6:24 pm


Stan reported that 67 memberships were sold during the February monthly.  We ran out of med and large shirts, so we’ll re-order a small amount of shirts.

Stan is going to set up the membership on PayPal

In the future, perhaps we can link club memberships with the City’s annual pass

Rob Harding – old membership e-mails that we can use?

Club Newsletter – Add that if people haven’t re-upped for 2009, go to web site or see Mark at the van.

Link minutes into newsletter, get involved in club, masters cup, etc.

Quote for tee-pad of 23 from Dan Shermis approximately $870.  Tee pad needs to be elevated because of erosion, which is why the quote is a bit high.  Mark moved to proceed with this, Steve 2nd, all approved.

26a may be the next tee pad to be made

Dave questioned the use of the cement pad for a storage shed.  The city needs to ok this idea.

Last sleeve for the old baskets is in the ground.  Perhaps we can buy five sleeves and DGA can buy five. Merle has one sleeve…


Pay to park should be starting on 2/23, so when this is confirmed, we should post the information on the web-site.

Course clean-up was discussed.  Eric said he’d make a list of things to be done.

Adjourn at 6:53 moved by Jack, 2nd by Steve, all approved

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