Mar 102009
March 9, 2009

In attendance:  Jon Baldwin, Stan Pratt, Steve Lonhart, Jim Hagin, Katie Beckett, TJ Goodwin.
The meeting was called to order at 6:10

Dan Shermis is going to do the tee box of 23 at the end of March, or early April.

Stan is going to get a letter from the city about work that can be done at the course, such as chain sawing and other clean-up.  We’ve been told we can do clean-up work, but want a letter.  Jon has an e-mail that says it’s ok for us to do work.

Steve Hammack called Jon about a player taking out envelopes and leaving a nasty note in the iron ranger for the city to see.  We should encourage the player to write the city, directly, to address his issues.

Tee pad for 26 a needs to be made.  It should be a smooth transition so it doesn’t get in the way of the mountain bikers.  Perhaps we can get permission to drive to the top with equipment.  Slingshot might know the guy so we can get into the gate.

Account money is okay considering the expense of buying membership t-shirts and bag tags.  We currently have $8,000. 

Steve H said budget meetings are in July so we need to consider what we need from the city.

Three or four years ago we lost our non-profit status due to tax issues.  Stan is trying to get in touch with an attorney who works with non-profit organizations to get some help.  Stan may need to ask Russ or Dave Levan for help to resolve the situation.  Having that non-profit status would help us raise money for big projects.

Stan is working on the Master’s Cup entry form.

We have about 80 memberships sold and a new order of t-shirts have come in.  T-shirts will sell at the Masters Cup

Steve is willing to be the point of contact for maintenance at the course.
On the forum, we can post that clean-up needs to be done, if interested, contact. Steve Lonhart.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30

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