Jul 122011

Disc golf videographer James Thomas and his crew put together a suite of original video clips, wherein local pros explain and throw all the holes at DeLaveaga. Here is Patrick Brown, showing how he throws hole 2:

Check out all the videos below…


Hole 1 Hole 2 Hole 3 Hole 4 Hole 5 Hole 6
Hole 7 Hole 8 Hole 9 Hole 10 Hole 11 Hole 12
Hole 13 Hole 14 Hole 15 Hole 16 Hole 17 Hole 18
Hole 19 Hole 20 Hole 21 Hole 22 Hole 23 Hole 24
Hole 25 Hole 26 Hole 27
Gregg Barsby
Hole 27
Patrick Brown
Hole 27
Don Smith
Hole 27
Avery Jenkins


Although they aren’t being played in 2011 Worlds, also check out videos for holes 8A and 26A at DeLaveaga.

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Apr 222011

In order to balance the total 300 players in the 26th Annual Steady Ed Masters Cup, the total registration for all amateur divisions will be capped at 150. If the field becomes full, you will be put on a waiting list and notified if any spots become available. Currently, we have around 85 Am & 50 Pro registered players.

For more information, please visit our Masters Cup page.

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