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Each year DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club makes custom bag tags. Everyone who buys a bag tag is then considered a dues paid DeLaveaga Disc Golf Club Member for that year. Here is how you can buy a bag tag:

  • At The Shack in the DeLaveaga parking lot.
  • At any of the monthly tournaments or bag tag rounds
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  3 Responses to “Buy a Bag Tag”

  1. Need a link for ordering online.

    • Yes, unfortunately paypal seems to have it set up so that you have to actually be the merchant and logged in as such on their site in order to get the proper “Buy Now” link. So I can’t do it. Stan said he will set it up, when he has time.

  2. Ive been playing disc golf for about 2 months now and have conciderably improved very quickly. i believe the membership is something i would be interested in because of how often i play. But i would like to know to specs and prices for i can not find any information about that,.

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