Aug 202008

September 2nd, the project to pave the parking lot will begin.  The course is open to play and parking is available below the parking lot, in overflow.  Holes 6 and 27 will move, and the tee for the 23 will move.

Stay tuned for news about the monthly, which is being moved to the 30th, and for the St Francis Charity Cup on Sept 6th. 

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Aug 122008

Hope this posts to the right spot…

 Anyway, we’ve started doing monthlies at Black Mouse in Felton! The course is still not quite 18 holes (16) but we do play an 18 hole layout. Two more holes are in the works…

 Come out the third Saturday of the month at 10am to get involved (this month it’s 8/16/08)! We’re still working out some of the details, but it looks like it will be $5 – $10 to play, and of course we pay out as best we can, based on the turn out.

Doubles afterwards are always fun! I got lucky last month and had Don Smith as my partner… we shot a 15 down on 18. And no, it wasn’t all him ūüėČ

 So, that said, we all hope to see you there! Let’s see if we can bring in more than the 15 people we had for the first one!


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May 162008


There is a $1000 fine for smoking at De laVeaga and smoking has increased at the course again.  Because of complaints, patrols will be increased again.

As many of you are aware, Wednesday, June 18th, there was a fire
on the right side of hole 24’s fairway. Fortunately the fire was spotted before it got out of control. The fire department responded quickly and they took care
of it. I think that disaster was narrowly avoided. I happened to be at the course and saw it first hand, and let me tell you, seeing a large amount of smoke billowing up at DeLaveaga is a scary sight. It would not have taken much for the entire place to go up in flames. Understandably the residents who live further up the road are extremely concerned. Who knows how close they came to losing their homes on Wednesday.  That is enough to scare anyone.

No one knows for sure what caused the fire, but as an average guy, the most likely scenario I can think of is a cigarette. Cigarette smoking is Illegal at the
Delaveaga Disc Golf Course, and yet I see people smoking all the time. Now I have a crystal clear understanding why some of the residents who drive by
are so adamant and proactive about discouraging¬†smoking in the park. I think it is something we all¬†must take part in, as there just isn’t enough manpower
available to enforce a law that is blatantly disregarded.

I want to continue to play Delaveaga, so please, don’t¬†smoke there.

-Jon Baldwin
DDGC President

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Mar 072008

The monthly meetings have been changed to the second Thursday of the month, which means this month’s meeting is Thursday, March 13th.  This is an important meeting, as the city is planning to pave the parking lot and make some course changes due to erosion issues.  Our ideas as a proactive group is in our best interest.  If you want to know what is in the plans or have ideas, come join us at 6:30 at System Studies.  

Other club information that went by quiety, is the change in leadership.  Russ Jacobson handed off his job of several years as club president, to Jon Baldwin.  Russ will continue to work with the master plan and be involved in the club.  Jack Trageser is the V.P. and comes in with great enthusiasm and ideas. Stan Pratt is continuing as treasurer.   Katie Beckett took over for Rob Hapner, who has put spent several years helping the club.  All past officers have spent many thankless hours and days helping the club move forward.  


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Feb 272008

It’s time to pitch in and put some sweat equity into a new disc golf course for the community!

Come to Pinto Lake County park in Watsonville Saturday and Sunday, March 1st and 2nd, from 10.00 to 1:00 and help out.  There will be some tools provided, but if you have a chainsaw or other cutting tools you can bring please do.  You must bring a pair of gloves to use!

 The more people that come out and help the sooner we can look forward to playing this championship level course.

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