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The easiest way to contact the club is to visit our Facebook page:

If you’re not a Facebook user, then you may also post on the club forum by clicking the link near the top of this page.

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  1. hello,
    I just have 1 question. I know that there is clubs for adults, but I was just wondering if there are clubs for kids in santa cruz? A club that competes against other kids. I am 16 and would just like to get more practice.


  2. First timer interested in learning more. Can we bring a regular frisbee?

    • No one will stop you from playing with a regular frisbee, but you will soon want to try the discs specially made for the sport.

  3. I am a member of the LVDGC and also a truck driver. I am making a delivery tomorrow morning (12-22) at the Office Max there in Santa Cruz and would very very very much like to play DeLa. My problem is in getting to the park and playing with a local who knows the course. If someone from this site can contact me ASAP so I may arrange SOMEthing I would greatly appreciate it. My number is 702 283 5808, thanks!!

    P.S. The number for Tom Schot listed for the course on the PDGA website apparently now belongs to some animal hospital. Also, y’all might want to consider a better way for someone to contact someone associated with the course because I don’t do facebook and other than this email there’s no way for anyone who’s in a situation like me to contact anyone there. Just a thought.

  4. Hallo

    I wonder if the filming from the accuracy finals in the overall championshios in 2003 is available somewhere. I miss it because i was in it.


    Christian Sandstrom

  5. A group of us travel up to DeLaveaga (from San Diego) once a year. This year we are coming the first weekend in March. Will the monthly tournament (first Saturday of every month) keep us from playing in the morning?

    • We do not close the course for our monthly tounaments. Also, you are not required to be a member of DDGC to join the tournament.

  6. We have a 12-year old son. We have been playing the course for fun a few times, just recreationally. Is there any youth activity going on, where our son could join some other kids, a grown-up would teach them a bit, and could play together just for fun?

    Oliver, Capitola

  7. A group of friends and I are planning on making it a weekened camping and disc golf, I was looking for a cheap campground close by ….. any suggestions?

  8. unfortunately it is a little difficult to locate the official facebook page for the course. I would like to see if theres anymore room to volunteer for the 27th annual steady ed memorial masters cup (am and pro) available. Disc spotting, cleaning, scores, anything. Let me know!

  9. will be in SC next week( 6/18 – 6/30). Looking to throw at deLa, is there a league or any thing? How about a pro shop? i would love to purchase a santa cruz disc. feel free to give me a call @ 517-902-1507. Thanks….. Al D

  10. avid disc golfer in the Santa Cruz area for a week or so. wondering if there is a disc golf pro shop anywhere in the area?

  11. So I have a disc from Innova with the De la disc club stamp on it. I was wondering what the disc was if that’s possible to tell. I know it’s not a putter or mid-range.

  12. Just picked up a disc golf disk with your details on it. I saw it fall off top of a white Jeep driving along Swanton Blvd, by Natural Bridges Park, Santa Cruz, just before 4pm this afternoon (Friday 25 Jan). D’you now of anyone who’s lost one?

  13. Hi,
    I’m looking to play this up coming Saturday (3/30)for my husbands birthday, but I have no idea what I’m doing… Can you help walk me through what I should do. Do I need reservations?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    408 386-2185 cell

  14. My business partner and I are working on a project to create virtual guides for disc golf courses. If you would like to see one please visit

    Condon Park Course, Grass Valley, CA

    We are starting a kickstarter project to create virtual guides for courses in California. We would like to create a tour for your course. If there is someone that we can talk to about adding DeLaveaga to our list of courses please contact me by email or by phone 530-798-8755. Thanks for your time.

  15. Hello,

    Does anyone know who I can speak with in regards to renting the course for a work retreat function? It would be in late April.



  16. Do you need to be a member to play the course? is there a fee to play? Thanks!

    • No, you do not need to be a member to play. Memberships the club allow for voting in elections for club officers and voting on important issues for the direction of the club in it’s mission to take care of the course and support disc golf in the area. There is a $2.00 per car parking fee that the city charges, but you can park at the small lake before the disc golf course for free and walk in. Have fun!

  17. Please send me Marty Hapner’s email or address. Thanks, Victor 002

  18. Hello,
    My name is Joe Mitzel, and i have been developing a disc golf web site that is focused on the average player, than a professional. The site promotes disc golf as a fun sport, and highlights the fun people have playing it.

    I am outreaching to clubs around the US to find some players that would be interested in writing up an articles on their local course, their favorite discs, disc golf experiences, and even submit some photos.

    If anyone is interested, they can email me back at

    Thank you for your time

  19. Hello, I live in New England, i call Wilton Lyndeborough course in Wilton Nh home. i found a star boss there, white, and is owned by a guy named matt. It is covered front and back with signatures from and ace on 6-27-2013. Im just trying to get a hold of this gent. does anybody there know/remember this.
    Thanks Mat Ladroga
    pdga 52566
    nefa 1678

  20. Hey All!

    I will pasing through the area this Suanday Aug. 16th. I am trying to figure out if you need to make a reservation to play this course or can I just show up and book it on the spot?


    • Hey Eric,

      We have moved all of the community stuff to our Facebook page for ease of management. Our volunteers were too busy playing to keep the forum up to date :). We are doing a re-work of the site so that it is informational only and interactions are best done on that page.

      But, to answer your questions. The course is free to play. The city charges $2.00 for parking in the lot, but you can park for free off the road by the lake just before getting to the course. It’s all up to you whether or not that 1/2 mile walk is worth $2.00. Just show up and play!

  21. Are there any classes or lessons at DeLaVeaga? I am a beginner and would like to get some instruction.

    • Hey Warren. We do not have any organized classes right now. We have put some on through the city Parks and Recs before, but do not have them going currently.

      There are several Professionals that are regular at Dela that offer one on one lessons as well as the occasional group lesson. The best thing to do is to post the same question on the Delaveaga Disc Golf Club Facebook page ( and you should get a few responses. We are transitioning from using this as an interactive site to using the Facebook page instead.


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