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Every course has a set of local customs, including regular rules of play and etiquette, and DeLaveaga is no different. Following is a partial list of customs observed at DeLaveaga:

  • Please limit your group size to 6 or fewer players (preferably 4 players max). Overly large groups cause traffic jams on the course, and negatively impact upon the rounds of dozens of other people on the course.
  • Please allow smaller and faster groups to play through at the earliest opportunity. This benefits everybody, and prevents traffic jams from forming on the course. Don’t wait for them to catch up to you on the tee pad, instead anticipate when a group behind your group has to wait for more than a few minutes at the tee while your group is finishing a hole…wait for them on the next tee and allow them to play through.
  • When throwing from top of the world, hole 27, please be sure to call out “fore” loudly when the disc is heading toward other holes. Even better, call “fore” plus the relevant hole number so that people who can’t see the tee of 27 know where the disc is flying. Getting hit by a high speed disc from top of the world is no fun for anyone.
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  1. It would be pretty great if these were posted at the course (maybe they are and I’ve never noticed?). It would be especially excellent if the reminders about letting people play through were posted throughout the course. The course is such a destination for disc golfers that many may come from places where this isn’t the custom. The parties of 8-10 that come out on the weekends with no knowledge of the unwritten rules are brutal.

  2. hi

    i was noticing your website is seriously out of date but you must know that

    what i was looking for though is directions on how to get to the course, where it begins and such which i couldn’t find if it is there so that i can come and play and maybe join the club someday

    thanks steve

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