Course Rules


Following is a list of the commonly observed rules of play at DeLaveaga. These rules are enforced at tournaments:

  • All Holes: The 2 meter rule is in effect. If your disc comes to rest in a tree or any other kind of object, such that its lowermost edge is more than 2 meters above the ground (measured along a vertical line, parallel to gravity), then the disc is considered OB. A penalty throw is added to the score on a hole for each 2 meter rule violation. The lie for the subsequent throw shall be marked directly below the disc (following procedures as if the disc were projected onto the ground).
  • All Holes: Inner edge of all bounding road and beyond is OB, except on holes 20&22. OB edge may be defined by rope during tournament play; if no rope, edge of pavement is OB.
  • Hole 1: Double mandatory, must pass between 2 large Monterey pine tree (red arrows are fixed to the trunks). Drop zone is located just left (about 10′ downhill) of the mando tree on the right.
  • Hole 6: The ditch to the right just before the road is OB. The edge of the OB is defined by a rope.
  • Hole 20&22: Surrounded by pavement is OB, but it is OK to throw across the road. The road plays like a river.
  • Hole 24: Mandatory, must pass to the right of the small oak (an arrow is fixed to the tree). The drop zone for a missed mando is behind a line drawn to the right of the mando (perpendicular to the line between the basket and the mando tree).
  • Hole 26a: Rope along the left edge of the fairway defines OB. This OB line applies only to 26a, and is not in effect on hole 26. There is no drop zone.
  • Hole 27: For a lost disc, use the drop zone located beneath the olive tree at the corner of the tree stand behind tee 25. If a disc goes OB, the player has the option to throw from this DZ or from where the disc went OB.
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