Course Rules


Following is a list of the commonly observed rules of play at DeLaveaga. These rules are enforced at tournaments:

  • All Holes: The 2 meter rule is in effect. If your disc comes to rest in a tree or any other kind of object, such that its lowermost edge is more than 2 meters above the ground (measured along a vertical line, parallel to gravity), then the disc is considered OB. A penalty throw is added to the score on a hole for each 2 meter rule violation. The lie for the subsequent throw shall be marked directly below the disc (following procedures as if the disc were projected onto the ground).
  • All Holes: Inner edge of all bounding road and beyond is OB, except on holes 20&22. OB edge may be defined by rope during tournament play; if no rope, edge of pavement is OB.
  • Hole 1: Double mandatory, must pass between 2 large Monterey pine tree (red arrows are fixed to the trunks). Drop zone is located just left (about 10′ downhill) of the mando tree on the right.
  • Hole 6: The ditch to the right just before the road is OB. The edge of the OB is defined by a rope.
  • Hole 20&22: Surrounded by pavement is OB, but it is OK to throw across the road. The road plays like a river.
  • Hole 24: Mandatory, must pass to the right of the small oak (an arrow is fixed to the tree). The drop zone for a missed mando is behind a line drawn to the right of the mando (perpendicular to the line between the basket and the mando tree).
  • Hole 26a: Rope along the left edge of the fairway defines OB. This OB line applies only to 26a, and is not in effect on hole 26. There is no drop zone.
  • Hole 27: For a lost disc, use the drop zone located beneath the olive tree at the corner of the tree stand behind tee 25. If a disc goes OB, the player has the option to throw from this DZ or from where the disc went OB.
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  1. What is the cost to play this course and what does it cost for parking?

    Also, do you need a membership to play this course or can you just show up and play?


    • Hey Luke,

      We have moved all of the community stuff to our Facebook page for ease of management. Our volunteers were too busy playing to keep the forum up to date :). We are doing a re-work of the site so that it is informational only and interactions are best done on that page.

      But, to answer your questions. The course is free to play. The city charges $2.00 for parking in the lot, but you can park for free off the road by the lake just before getting to the course. It’s all up to you whether or not that 1/2 mile walk is worth $2.00. Just show up and play!

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