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DeLaveaga Disc Golf has enjoyed the warm support of the people of Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz City Council for over a generation. However, since the council changes membership over time, it is important to let them know how important this course is to our community and to our sport. Whether you’re a local resident, or visiting from out of town, consider spending a minute or two to compose an e-mail telling our council members how much this course means to you and your peers, and thank them for their continued support of disc golf in Upper DeLaveaga Wilderness Park.

You can contact the general city council mailing list at or you can also find the e-mail addresses of individual council members by clicking here.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m inquiring about your club and events. I am new to the sport – but a good frisbee player. Do you have events that nonmembers can come to and see if they like it?


    Laura Stec

  2. giving the sponsors something more, changing the look on the Tee Pad.

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