Hole 10


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Hole 10 is a fun complement to previous holes, with 3 pin positions scattered along on the right edge of the fairway at various distances. The right-side of the fairway is covered along its entire length by dense trees, although the occasional lucky shot has been known to find its way through. Lefty backhand or righty forehand hyzer shots are always a safe strategy, although numerous other routes are also possible. Righty backhand rollers are another popular option, curling up right around the basket. Overhand and turnover routes are also available, although one has to be careful to avoid the large pines that clutter the left side of the fairway. The photo below shows the view back toward the tee (yellow circle) from the basket, and reveals a fairly open area across the fairway (to the right in this photo), which is an option if one is looking for a safer landing zone to aim for off the tee.

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  1. […] Hole 10 at DeLaveaga can be played as a tunnel shot, or a lefty hyzer. Back then, because of the more open left side, I thought of it as a good birdie opportunity for me as a left-hander. Hole No. 10 at DeLaveaga. (Photo by John Hernlund) […]

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