Hole 11


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Hole 11 offers only long, narrow, and perilous routes to the basket in any of its 3 pin positions. In the long straight pin position, shown in this set of photos, the basket is placed at the far end of a long tunnel, with hazards such as a leaning oak branch halfway down the fairway adding to the challenge for even the most skilled players. The risk/reward scenario on this hole is the trade-off between accuracy and distance: if you go long then you’re more likely to stray off the fairway, and kick harder left or right into dense foliage or into a jail of trees. On the other hand, hitting the long tunnel shot for birdie is one of the most mouth-watering opportunities at DeLaveaga.

The two other basket positions play to the left off the long tunnel into a grassy area filled with giant pine and smaller oak and madrone trees. There is a position that is about 30′ to the left of the position shown in these photos. A shorter position left of the fairway can be accessed by going 30′ past the leaning oak tree and another 30′ to the left into the trees, or by numerous other routes that are available to the left of the main straight fairway. A favorite option for the short position is a righty forehand flex shot (starting off anhyzer and flexing out to hyzer to finish).

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