Hole 26a


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Hole 26a is a connector (relative to the original 18) that plays along the ridge between hole 26 and the tee for 27. A yellow rope along the left side of the fairway defines out-of-bounds for this hole only (this OB line doesn’t apply to 26). The fairway is wide near ground level, however, it narrows considerably with height as tree branches encroach from both the right and left and form a complete arch not far from the tee pad. The fairway is at its narrowest point about 200′ from the tee, after which it opens up considerably. The open area in the vicinity of the basket is susceptible to strong winds over the ridge, which complicate the process of making a safe landing. Much of the challenge of this hole is psychological owing to the steep slopes on the right and left and the risk of going off the fairway. Below is a photo of hole 26a viewed from behind the basket looking toward the tee.

Watch Don Smith describe and throw hole 26a in the following video:

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