Hole 27


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DeLaveaga’s hole 27 is truly the “Top of the World,” and is perhaps the most famous disc golf hole on the entire planet Earth (the 3 pin locations for this hole are indicated in the above image). Originally the 3rd hole of the 1984 course, this hole combines challenges of altitude, distance, and wind with some notable limitations in available lines from the tree-scape. There is no question that familiarity breeds competence on this hole, and it is one of several holes at DeLaveaga that is commonly viewed as favoring local players. It is common for locals to throw their entire bag on 27 at the end of a practice round. Errant throws from Top of the World are common, and it is important for safety reasons to call out “fore” and the number of the hole (or parking lot) the errant throw is going toward. When you play 27.

Everybody has a somewhat different take on how to throw hole 27, and the possibilities are truly endless. Check out the videos below to see how several different local pros think about strategy on hole 27.

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