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DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course is one of the top recreation destinations in Santa Cruz, with hundreds of users visiting the course every day. A user count (census) has not been conducted in recent years, although the club is considering doing one soon.

DeLaveaga SSA

All holes are considered par 3 at DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course. In the long pin arrangement the SSA for DeLa is usually close to a par round (depending on conditions). Therefore, a par round at DeLaveaga in the longer set-up is roughly equivalent to a 1000-rated round.

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  1. If even par is roughly equivalent to a 1000-rated round in the long, what would be a 1000-rated round (roughly) in the short? I’m guessing we’d have to shoot 5-7 under, depending on conditions. Is that about right?

  2. What is the total distance of the course and the yardage for each hole?

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