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Upkeep of the DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course is the sole responsibility of all of us, the disc golfers. We build the tee pads, the benches, the retention walls, we plant trees and grass, build walking paths, clear hazards, maintain quality baskets, build steps up and down steep grades, manage erosion, protect trees from damage, and many many other tasks. The present course comprises 29 disc golf holes (though one of them, 17, is currently closed for erosion control), and spans several kilometers of forested ridges, ravines, and meadows.

We need your help keeping DeLaveaga in the condition it deserves to be kept, this is a marvelous property for disc golf. Whether you’re completely broke, filthy rich, or anywhere in between, there are many ways you can help us to maintain and improve DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course.

Following is a list of ways you can help support disc golf in Upper DeLaveaga Wilderness Park (Click on each option for more details):

Of course, if you can think of any other ways to help other than those listed above, we would certainly like to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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