Nov 132003
Like hole nine, 10 has a flat fairway as long as you stay ON the fairway. The extra 60 feet between the short and long pin placements makes a huge difference. After the initial line of thick tree trunks near the tee , the fairway is less wooded. To the right of the trees a long, clear but narrow path to the basket exists. It is so narrow and low, however, that most people choose the higher, more open path to the left. Righthanders need just the right anhyzer for this route, and the trees are large and evenly-spaced enough to make this risky as well. The OB road runs all along the right side but thick brush catches most discs before they can get to it. Both basket locations are within 30 feet of the road, the shorter one under the low canopy of an oak tree 10 feet to the right.
TEE (basket straight ahead on the right)
PIN (long position, looking back toward tee)