Nov 132003

In the shortest position (there are four now), as with hole 15, this is a prime birdie opportunity. Recognize the change in difficulty and shift the strategy to get strokes back from the course. When both 14 and 15 are in the long position, however, it makes holes 13-15 the toughest trio on the course. The tee on this hole is sunken down in amongst bushy oak trees with no clear angle for a conventional drive to the basket on flat ground above. Trees will greedily snag all errant throws. Nearly all the locals either go high up and over the main oak halfway to the target or use a finesse roller. The difference between short, medium, and the two long positions on 14 is huge. Between them are about 80 feet of densely wooded, hard packed terrain with an extremely low ceiling. For a look at the basket on your second shot, you’ll have to either roll your drive just right or test fate and throw a giant rightie hyzer that hopefully punches through the thick canopy on its way down to earth. The new long-left position is especially tricky.