Nov 132003

After the many technical holes preceding this one, 16 can be viewed as therapy. It’s long – even by De-La standards – open, flat, and unlike I-5 (hole 13), the longer the throw, the better. It actually shares a fairway with hole 13 so watch for flying plastic. The short basket location is straight ahead and the other is on the right just before the tee for hole 17. Don’t overthrow or your drive or you will find trees on the far left and far right.

Two landmarks are commonly used as reference points here. Halfway down the fairway, a seasonal casual water hazard nicknamed “Lake Maple” waits to grab rollers that touch down too soon. Two tall trees 340 away in the middle-left of the fairway named the “Goalposts” offer a nice target for airshots.

PIN (right position, looking back to tee)