Nov 132003
The sharpest uphill elevation change on the course, the tightness of the first half of the fairway, and the sloping, hard-packed fairway and green combine to make one of the most technical holes on the course. A very tight dogleg left dictates the route for all drives unless you have a big “baseball” or “thumber” style throw. Once around the dogleg, players must contend with a basket placed precariously on hard, rutted dirt, two feet in front of a steep drop-off into a thickly-wooded down-slope. The alternate basket location- shown on the map – is on a steep slope, behind a row of trees right in the middle of the fairway. For that location it’s better to be stay below the hole as upshots and drives landing above the hole leave precarious downhill putts.┬áIn both locations,┬áremember to be judicious with the long putts.
TEE (dogleg left to basket)
PIN (looking back toward tee from behind)