Nov 132003
One of the most birdie-able holes on the course for righties when in the short position, this one is slightly uphill, not really short, and protected by a big brambly oak just in front of the basket. A right-hander has a perfect power hyzer shot around the right side of the tree, and the telephone pole in the middle of the fairway is easy enough to avoid. Although it only adds around 40 feet in distance, the long basket location changes this hole completely. Between the short and long placements sits a tangle of old branches and overgrown bushes, then a ditch, then more bushes, making the basket nearly impossible to reach with an airshot. Perfect rollers sometimes find their way into the ditch for a look at birdie, but expect a challenging upshot to secure par.
TEE (basket straight ahead)
PIN (Long Position, looking back toward tee)