Nov 132003
One of the few wide open holes on the course, or so hole 6 appears. Two of the three pin placements are on the same direct line but guarded by a group of giant trees, the long one only 8 sloping feet before the OB road. The (rarely used) third is also close to the road, but much further left than the other two and behind a row of trees that line the fairway on the left. This holes seems as if it should be simple, but getting the disc to stay straight just the right amount of time without turning is actually very difficult. Try to follow the downhill slope of the long fairway, throwing hard and flat without overthrowing and thus turning it over too soon. Letting the disc go high will usually result in a short throw that hyzers too soon. When approaching and putting at this basket, especially in the long positions, remember the OB road. When throwing a longer upshot, make sure to keep the throw low enough to clear guardian branches.
TEE (basket straight ahead in trees, slightly downhill)
PIN (looking back toward basket)