Thursday Bag Tags


During daylight savings time, when there is sufficient sunlight, current club members holding bag tags play an evening round of 18 select holes beginning around 4:30PM-5:00PM every Thursday. Click here to learn how to obtain a bag tag and become a current DDGC member. Points are earned in the bag tag series according to the number of other bag tag holders you beat in each round, and are tallied at the end of every year.

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  1. Interested in playing in the thrus Bag Tag events. Is there a Jr division? I am 12 years old . . . but would still like to compete.

    • Hi Jakob! Bring it on! Bag tags aren’t done by division. Buy a bag tag from Cesar or Mario at the Shack. You will turn that tag in and the next tag you get will be determined by how well you shoot against everyone else. Lowest tag number goes to highest score. Everyone is welcome! Flex start 4:00-4:55. Hope to see you there! -Leslie

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