Weekly Doubles


Weekly random draw doubles are held every Sunday at DeLaveaga. Sign-in 9:00AM, start at 9:30AM. Buy-in is $5 per player. Anyone can play, if you’re a new player this is a great way to meet experienced players and learn new skills.

The format changes to triples on the first Sunday of every month. Teams of 3 players are randomly drawn. Teams may earn a mulligan for each birdie scored (play begins with no mulligans to start), and are allowed to bank up to a maximum of 3 mulligans at any time. Carding a bogey erases all banked mulligans, and the team has to re-start with zero mulligans.

For more information about doubles leagues at DeLaveaga and elsewhere in the local region, please visit www.sundaydoubles.com.

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  1. I will be in town on the 29th of April. Can I just show up for the doubles on Sunday morning?

    Phsyced to play the course again.

  2. Sunday Doubles actually starts 930, closer to 10, ALL are welcome

  3. Can I still play the course and not be part of the Sunday doubles this Sunday?

    • Yes , in fact quite a few early risers get a round in or a half a round ahead of the doubles…
      You are formerly invited to join the FGBs @ 0800 which is a nice time of day!
      We aren’t that great , just diligent
      Bring your sense of humor and we are groovin’

      It’s about the spin, baby!

  4. Lishka,
    We apologize for the delayed invitation, our background check people really dropped the disc here. Your have a standing invitation . Congrats !

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